Rave for Baths of Sutro

My parents visited this weekend, and I made a point to show them all the best parts of the city. I saw many things that are worth blogging about, too much even for one entry. I’ll have to post a few times this week. Check back often (or just follow me on facebook). Please visit my Picasa album to see all my pictures.

Saturday was the most gorgeous day I’ve seen in weeks (oh yeah, that’s what the sun looks like). Since the weather was so nice, I took the ‘rents to Sutro Baths. Sutro Baths is located on the Pacific coast of SF, where the beach ends and the coast becomes rocky and cliff-y (that’s a word, right?). This is serene ocean-front landmark, where you could spend hours watching the waves crash against the rocks. Or you could hike the trail that winds along the coast and check out the view of the ocean, bay, and The Bridge. A hundred years ago, there was a giant swimming pool complex here, but it burned down in 1966 and only ruins remain. I am a huge fan of hiking, sightseeing, and picture-taking, so I’m always on the lookout for a good natural wonder to admire. This sure is a good one!

my parents

It doesn’t have an address, so I’ll just tell you it’s north of Ocean Beach. Basically you get on Geary Blvd and drive west until you reach water. I listed several websites below that give excellent driving directions.

my husband and me with bridge

After you hike the trail, you should check out the Giant Camera. Also called the Camera Obscura, it’s a fancy scientific camera thing that is really hard to describe. I will try to explain it, but you really need to see it to understand. There is a building with a periscope on the top. The periscope contains a mirror that reflects the coastline. The image of the coast is reflected thru 2 lenses and projected onto a big table inside the building (wow, that was a terrible explanation. Please click on the wikipedia link below or just go see it). The Giant Camera is located on the south side of the Cliff House. It costs $3 to get in, btw.

I also recommend the Cliff House Bistro. It’s an expensive place to eat lunch, I’ll admit. But seriously, nothing beats an ocean view with a side of garlic fries! I had a grilled portobello mushroom sandwich with goat cheese that was so awesome! And ask for Justin to be your waiter.

Thank you to @stammy and @theunquietone for recommending this sightseeing locale.

More Info:

Please visit my Picasa album to see all my pictures.


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  4. Paul Stamatiou
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 16:33:30

    Nice post! I’ll have to checkout the Camera Obscura next time.


    • kimetzel84
      Mar 13, 2011 @ 16:56:01

      Thanks! I’m glad that I made it sound cool, even though I couldn’t really describe what it is. 🙂


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