Kung Hei Fat Choy (Happy New Year!)

Happy Chinese New Year!! On Saturday, I went downtown for the annual Chinese New Year’s Parade. It is said to be the largest Chinese cultural gathering outside of China. And despite the cold, rainy weather, there were almost 1 million people who showed up to ring in the Year of the Rabbit. All the photos below are mine, but I don’t take very good pictures at night. I encourage all of you to check out these photos taken by Whole Wheat Toast.

Above: This is a lion. Not a dragon. The Chinese Lion Dance is a staple of all their celebrations because they believe the lion will fight off evils. It seemed like every organization had a 2-man lion costume as part of their act.

Below: The first musical ensemble and probably my favorite in the whole show. There were several drum corps and marching bands, including the UC Davis marching band playing their rendition of Bad Romance. But this group was the best!

The parade took place at night so all the floats were beautifully lit. And you know what else people love at night? Fireworks. Every parade marcher had a basket full of fireworks and would light them and then drop them on the street. It was very loud and made the parade much more exciting…however I am certain the person who had to clean the streets was not excited.

This is a group of elementary students dressed as rabbits performing their adorable choreographed routine. As I said, I don’t know how to take night pictures, so I took a lot of video. And I guess it’s good cuz you get to experience more than just pictures would show.

Below: My favorite picture from the whole night! This is a 5-year-old boy in a lion costume who would walk up to the crowd and make the lion’s eyes blink and wink. It was SO CUTE!

The grand finale of the parade was a gigantic 250-foot dragon that snaked through the parade. According to www.chineseparade.com, it takes a team of over 100 men and women from the martial arts group, White Crane, to carry this dragon throughout the streets of San Francisco. You can’t tell from these pictures/video, but the dragon was lit from underneath and was absolutely beautiful!


Chinese New Year Parade, 1M Attend

Chinese New Year: Thousand brave wind, rain



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