Update: Fisherman’s Wharf

I went back to Fisherman’s Wharf this weekend and found 4 restaurants that I just had to tell you about. But first, here’s an update. When I was there last month, I walked out onto Hyde St Pier and took lots of pictures. Well, this is what it looks like with no fog. See, you can see The GG bridge from here.

my husband and me on Hyde St Pier

Ok, moving on to the important part: food. Restaurant #1 was The Pub at Ghirardelli Square (www.thepubsf.com 851 Beach St). The inside is decorated to look like an Irish pub – heavy wooden bar, Guinness sign on the wall, etc. – but modern and hip at the same time. They serve typical bar food, but also specialize in BBQ. I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was very good!

photo courtesy of ghirardellisquare.com

The second restaurant of note is the Sea Lion Cafe (www.sealioncafe.com). It it located on Pier 39 at the very end. And it’s kind of hidden behind Neptune’s. But this place is VERY COOL because you get a great view of the bay while you dine. I recommend this place because it’s cheaper than Neptune’s but with the same food and same view. The clam chowder is excellent!

view from Sea Lion Cafe

Time for number 3? OK. The third restaurant is The Blue Mermaid (www.bluemermaidsf.com. 471 Jefferson St. “Home of the award-winning California Clam and Corn Chowder!”). This is a really great place to get fresh seafood. I had the fresh dungeness crab and it was awesome! If the whole crab is outside your budget, they also serve a half dungeness crab for $14.95. Ask if you can get Brian to be your waiter…he is a hoot!

the blue mermaid

photo courtesy of Life.com

I saved the best for last! Oh, I’m so excited to tell you this! I have found the place to get the original, most delicious, Irish Coffee in the world! It’s called the Buena Vista Cafe (http://thebuenavista.com intersection of Hyde St and Beach). Listen to me carefully. Do not go to Buena Vista and order a martini or a beer. I will kill you if you do. You must order an Irish Coffee. It’ll cost $7.50, but I promise it’s worth every penny! Mmmmm…a hot beverage tastes so good on a cold night! And I recommend that you sit at the bar and watch the guy making them. It’s very entertaining.



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