Bubble Tea: Not For Me.

I took this picture of Old St. Mary’s Cathedral on the same day I went to Chinatown. It’s on the corner of Grant Ave. and California St. The top picture is the one I took in 2011, and the one below was taken in 1957. It is from the library archives.  Cool huh?

I found this wikipedia link for Chinatown that is full of useful information. The Bow Hon Restaurant is mentioned here (so now you know I didn’t eat at some sketchy joint). It also gives information about other stuff to do in the same area. http://wikitravel.org/en/San_Francisco/Chinatown

Another thing I wanted to mention is that Rachael Ray came to SF for $40 a Day and she ate at the Oriental Pearl Restaurant (corner of Grant and Clay). I wanted to eat there but it was closed the day I went.

Now I’m gonna tell you about bubble tea (a.ka. Pearl Tea or Pearl Milk). This is a huge new fad here in SF an everybody’s drinking it. Not me. You either order regular iced tea with “bubbles” in it, or you get a slushy with “bubbles” in it. And what are the “bubbles”, you ask? They are little tapioca balls that sink to the bottom of the cup (the black things in the photo above). If you’ve never had tapioca pudding, this is gonna be really hard for you to imagine. Tapioca balls are about the size of aspirin tablets and they’re squishy and chewy. You drink your tea (or slushy) with a big straw and suck up the tapioca balls while you drink. It’s a very strange feeling. I can’t stand don’t find many occasions to drink bubble tea, but I’m the only one in the whole city. All my friends drink it and go gaga over it. My friend, @stammy, recommends that you get your tea at Ten Ren (949 Grant Ave).  I think it should be called Pebble Tea because the balls sink…but that’s just me.

And finally, in an effort to keep you here a little longer, I want to mention one more thing. There are no trees or bushes on the sidewalks of Fisherman’s Wharf. None whatsoever. So if you see a shrub, it’s probably a homeless guy hiding and waiting to jump and scare the s#!t out of you. Don’t worry, they’re not going to rob you; they are hoping that you’ll see someone else get frightened and pay for the laugh.


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