Get Your Agave On!

Tonight, I went to a Mexican restaurant near the ballpark called Tres Agaves (2nd and Townsend. EDIT: new website is This is one of those restaurants that is totally worth your time. Think for a moment, of your typical mexican restaurant: a hispanic waiter in a white dress shirt, a mariachi band, and a menu containing combinaciones #1-30. Tres Agaves is not your typical mexican restaurant!

Number one, it’s hip. It has a very modern, chic feel to it (stainless steel, contemporary furniture, industrial looking ceilings). The employees are all American, and there is. no. mariachi band.

But more importantly, there’s the food. Oh, the food! I had the fish tacos. All the ingredients were fresh, and the tilapia was super tender. The kick from the chipotle sauce was delicious matched with the brightness of the lime juice. Add that with the crunchy coleslaw and the perfectly bendable tortillas, and I’ll say they were, hands down, the best fish tacos I’ve ever had! The kind of fish tacos that drip down your arm while you eat them. My husband ordered the beef enchiladas and another member of our party had the pork carnitas. They both had great things to say about their dinner too!

Then I met Kelvin. He is one of the chefs at Tres Agaves. He explained to me that the pork and the beef is slow roasted over an open fire for 6 hours. And the fish, chicken and shrimp are cooked on a wood-burning stove. He said that if he was a customer, he would order the Chuleta de Puerco (the menu is on their website, above) because it is the most authentic Mexican dish they serve, and all the sauces are made from scratch. If you go to Tres Agaves, please find Kelvin and tell him I sent you.

So there you have it. Another restaurant that earns 5 out of 5 stars from me. But if you go, be aware that a pitcher of margaritas is $36 and it serves 4 people. Also, do not go on a night the Giants are playing. Just FYI.

Photos courtesy of kristiewells.


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