Alamo Square Park

My new favorite place in SF: Alamo Square Park. This is the famous park from the Full House opening (omgosh, Bob Saget sat on this grass!). But I liked it for so much more than just it’s repuation.

First of all, the view is amazing all the way around. So if you go, don’t just stand there and gawk at the Full House houses. Walk around and check out the other amazing sights. To the East, you can see the Transamerica Building. To the north you can see the Archbishop’s Mansion, where the Russian and German Imperial Consuls lived in the early 1900s (thanks wikipedia!). It’s now a hotel. And to the west you can see (and hear the bells of) St. Ignatius Church.

Second, I like the park because it’s clean. I have been really impressed with all the parks I’ve visited in the city, in fact. I can tell that San Francisco thinks parks are important and makes an effort to take care of them. Even the bathrooms at the park are clean! There are other amenities too. There’s a playground, a tennis court, and a dog park. The park even has doggie drinking fountains.

Shoe art:

So, if you ever come to visit us (please do!), know that we wil be having a picnic at Alamo Square Park while you are here.

Kim’s Brilliant Tip of the Day:
If you are planning on a lot of walking around, DO NOT WEAR A SKIRT! Skirts were not made for walking. Boots were.


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